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Auction Day!

Today is the first day of OMG’s Second Annual Online Auction – Spring Cleaning 2015. Click here to join in the fun! I have close to 70 auction items ranging from finished knit and crochet items to dyed fiber and yarn.

The giveaway for the auction is pretty awesome too: I’m giving away skeins of our newest yarn coming out this fall called Midwest (of course). It is a worsted weight, 60% Domestic Alpaca, 40% Domestic Merino wool, meaning it’s a yarn completely sourced, spun, and dyed in the US.

  • First place – 3 skeins of Midwest in the color of your choice
  • Second place – 2 skeins of Midwest in the color of your choice
  • Third place – 1 skein of Midwest in the color of your choice

Each bid serves as an entry and a winning bid will get you 5 entries into the drawing. The winners will be announced early next week, once the dust settles after the auction.

I am beyond excited about the event, mainly because of the successful launch of the line last fall, and what lies ahead for my little studio/shop.

I just got back the first sample knit for the spring/summer designs and it is stunning. The knitter put her heart and soul into it and turning it over to me was like I’d asked her to give up her first born. Looks like I’ll have to make one of my own soon, so she can have hers back. 🙂

OMG Updates
With the Mid-Ohio Fiber Fair coming up in just a few short weeks, I’ve been ramping up my yarn dyeing schedule. I’ve been doing some variegated colorways and regularly posting them to my etsy shop. In fact, I have over 80 listings of yarn in stock and ready to ship.

Closed Tuesday, May 12
We’ll be closed Tuesday, May 12 so that I can be a chaperone for a field trip at Peanut’s school.


The OMG Color Line Up

Well, it has started, my planning for the big summer show to debut our gorgeous yarns on a national stage. I’ll also be working on a few variegated colors as well, but these are my semi-solid colorways that are repeatable and that will be available for wholesale.

Did I miss any? Which ones are your favorites?

Coming Soon
We just ordered 420 skeins of yarn for the big summer shows, including some of the new yarn base which is a Worsted Weight Merino/Alpaca blend. Stay tuned for more behind the scenes looks and even some excited posts once I book travel plans for our Columbus trip!

A Quick Update

Hi there!

Yup, I’m still here, incredibly busy, and hanging on by a thread (or maybe a fiber…). Between teething babe, active 5 year old, and plotting some yarn madness for OMG, I have been pretty over worked, but I’m still here, I promise.

I’ll be finishing up and sending out our February Project of the Month kits within the next 48 hours and while the yarn cooks and dries, I’m actually building a full website dedicated to OMG’s yarn!

The shop has been quiet this week, so I hope you haven’t forgotten we’re here. As we prepare for the biggest step for our lovely little shop to become BIG, we need your continued support.

Stay tuned for a sale on OMG yarn, our annual auction, and some other fun bits along the way. Our big show is coming up quickly and the road to it is paved in yarn. Woo hoo! See you soon!

February’s Project of the Month – Zuzu’s Petals by Carina Spencer

Announcing our February Project of the Month: Zuzu’s Petals by Carina Spencer.

The pattern is written for two gauges, sport or worsted, both requiring only one skein of OMG yarn.

Photo Credit: Carina Spencer

Photo Credit: Carina Spencer

Colors will be an ombre/gradient, using one of the following new OMG colors as the darkest color, getting lighter throughout the skein.

Spring Color Inspiration Names

Click here to order your February Project of the Month

Cost per kit is $35 and includes:

  • One skein of OMG yarn in choice of color (Maven, Surrender, Pisces, or Grapthar) and weight (sport – OMG Rushmore or worsted – OMG Liberty).
  • Corresponding Knitter’s Pride circular needle (US 6 for sport weight and US 9 for worsted weight).
  • Electronic copy of the pattern.

Pre-orders will be available online on Etsy beginning this afternoon and end February 14 (Valentine’s Day) and are scheduled to ship or be available for pick up by the week of February 23rd.

Health Update for Littlest Shop Helper, Sharky
Thank you to everyone for support during Sharky’s very scary 3-day hospital stay. He was diagnosed with RSV. It’s usually just a bad cold for adults, but for infants it gets very bad, very quickly. He had been seen for three days straight by our family physician, but wasn’t getting better, so was admitted to the hospital for additional support. Thankfully, he is on the mend and has finally started to be his usual playful and giggly self. Woohoo!


Resting in his hospital crib…


Happy face when leaving the hospital.

OMG Upcycled: Turning Used Items into the Next Knit or Crochet Project

I’m all about working with what you have rather than reinventing the wheel.  One of my long time projects is finding ways to upcycle different things and relating them to the needle arts I love. Last year, it was working with my husband to upcycle suits he wasn’t selling out of his ebay shop (Shopvtg) and reupholstering chairs. It actually won us second place in Goodwill’s Upcycle contest last year.

Since then, I’ve been looking at fun upcycling projects I could bring to the shop. I am still working on the idea, but there are some fun things ahead, including a line of yarn out of materials you would not necessarily think to work with.

In the past week, I’ve been playing with crocheting plastic bags: a workshop we held here a couple summers ago and this week, I’ll be working with upcycling some t-shirts and knitting or crocheting with them. I’ll even be playing with dye techniques on these types of yarns. Keep an eye out for ideas I’m brainstorming on Pinterest here, and look for some behind the scenes photos on Instragram.

In the mean time, don’t forget to check out the classes we have starting in February so that you’ll be able to work with some of these unique projects I’m working on for the spring/summer.

(My file uploads keep erroring right now, otherwise, I’d give a sneak peek right now…) 😉

Introducing OMG’s Project of the Month

Project of the Month
Well, it’s official, I am starting off the Project of the Month “Club” and the project is a great one.

Love and Kisses Cowl_Delorme Designs Photo

Introducing the Love and Kisses Cowl by Megan Delorme.

Colors available to choose from:


Command – A deep crimson red, similar to the command uniforms from Star Trek. (Yup, I’m still a nerd)

Grand Canyon_EG_2

Earl Grey – A metallic grey, which goes with just about anything


Bad Wolf – A bright pink, inspired by my favorite Doctor’s companion.

I am now ready to take pre-orders for our project of the month. You can order online in the Etsy shop: Click here
You can stop in our shop during normal shop hours to place your order. If you cannot come in to make your order but want to pick up your yarn when it’s ready, feel free to use our Etsy shop and use coupon code OMGPICKUP to waive shipping. NOTE: Your yarn will not be shipped if you use this coupon code.
The cost for your kit: $50, which includes:

2 skeins of OMG Liberty (Worsted Weight, 100% Superwash Merino Wool, 220 yds/3.5 oz skein) in your choice of Red (Command), Pink (Bad Wolf), or Grey (Earl Grey).

1 electronic copy of the pattern. We utilize Ravelry’s In-Store pattern purchase program, so if you’re a member of Ravelry, provide your RavID and email address at time of purchase so your pattern can be sent to you. No need to purchase it on Ravelry, I’ve got you covered.

1 – Knitter’s Pride 24″ Circular Needle, US 5 (this is the needle size that the pattern calls for)

1 – Boye Cable NeedleNeed more details about how the Project of the Month will work. Click the Project of the Month tab at the top of the page.

Other News
I will be doing a “Year in Review” post later today or tomorrow. We will also be open tomorrow during the usual times for the rest of the week (11:00 am to 4:00 pm). Due to security reasons, the door will remain locked during business hours; ring the doorbell and I’ll let you in during shop hours (which will be changing beginning next week…more hours, yay!). Lastly, a new class schedule is being worked out. So far, I have several people interested in Intermediate Knitting, an Intermediate Crochet class, and sock knitting. Have a project you’d like to work on? Email me, we can do one on one instruction, priced at $20 per session.Happy New Year!

Plotting the Next Round of Yarn

Don’t forget, OMG yarn is now available to stash on Ravelry (click here)!

From a business standpoint, they teach you to assume that your business will always be in operation, so planning designs, colors, and yarns in advance is not a stretch, it’s the “how am I going to pay for this?” part that we worry about as the time comes. Part of the fiber arts industry – and the fashion industry too – is planning projects over a year in advance.


OMG Vegas – Merino, Silk, Nylon, Poly Glitz blend – Color #Phoenix

So far, I have plans and rough ideas for Spring/Summer 2015 designs and colors AND Fall 2015 designs and colors. The hard part is wrapping my head around the budget – mainly because I don’t normally spend the kind of money that yarn shop operations require.

As long as we don’t run into any snags, here’s the general timeline and a little of what to expect coming in the next several months:

  • Spring/Summer 2015: New colors and designs coming by the end of May 2015 just in time for the National Needlearts Convention in Columbus, OH. I plan to feature OMG Calatrava, fingering weight, 100% Superwash Merino Wool. A theme has been chosen, and color testing is set to begin around the first of the new year. Expect lacy shawls…
  • TNNA Columbus: The BIG needle arts Summer show…Dates are 05/30/15 through 06/01/15 in Columbus, OH. I plan on hosting a table or booth to begin being available for wholesale at select shops. This is where the Spring/Summer 2015 patterns and colors will debut (and I’m already excited about it).
  • Fall 2015: Even more new colors and designs coming sometime in October 2015. I plan to feature OMG Midwest (worsted weight Domestic Alpaca/Domestic Merino blend that is one of my favorite yarn bases, so it’s named Midwest to make it one of our signature luxury yarns).

I’m looking into which big shows to attend as well. My wish list includes:

  • Mid-Ohio Fiber Fair
  • Stitches Midwest
  • Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival
  • Midwest Fiber Fair (happens around the same time as Stitches Midwest)
  • YarnCon

And I’m working on starting a Project of the Month club for OMG as well. This means that I’ll be curating a number of projects, both knit and crochet, that would work well for OMG yarns. I, unfortunately, won’t be able to design everything for those, so I am in the process of looking at some fun patterns online that I think will look great in our semi-solid colors that will call for one, two, or three skeins of hand dyed yarn, because I think keeping things affordable for many while supporting indie designers is important for OMG yarns.

And then when I have major pattern launches, I will feature my favorite designs for those months.

But we’ll see if we can do all of this and still have time to breathe afterwards. I’m looking forward to preparing for all these big things to come and hoping that we can continue the momentum that the shop has picked up. Make sure you continue to support our local yarn shop so that we can continue to fund these efforts.