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Auction Day!

Today is the first day of OMG’s Second Annual Online Auction – Spring Cleaning 2015. Click here to join in the fun! I have close to 70 auction items ranging from finished knit and crochet items to dyed fiber and yarn.

The giveaway for the auction is pretty awesome too: I’m giving away skeins of our newest yarn coming out this fall called Midwest (of course). It is a worsted weight, 60% Domestic Alpaca, 40% Domestic Merino wool, meaning it’s a yarn completely sourced, spun, and dyed in the US.

  • First place – 3 skeins of Midwest in the color of your choice
  • Second place – 2 skeins of Midwest in the color of your choice
  • Third place – 1 skein of Midwest in the color of your choice

Each bid serves as an entry and a winning bid will get you 5 entries into the drawing. The winners will be announced early next week, once the dust settles after the auction.

I am beyond excited about the event, mainly because of the successful launch of the line last fall, and what lies ahead for my little studio/shop.

I just got back the first sample knit for the spring/summer designs and it is stunning. The knitter put her heart and soul into it and turning it over to me was like I’d asked her to give up her first born. Looks like I’ll have to make one of my own soon, so she can have hers back. 🙂

OMG Updates
With the Mid-Ohio Fiber Fair coming up in just a few short weeks, I’ve been ramping up my yarn dyeing schedule. I’ve been doing some variegated colorways and regularly posting them to my etsy shop. In fact, I have over 80 listings of yarn in stock and ready to ship.

Closed Tuesday, May 12
We’ll be closed Tuesday, May 12 so that I can be a chaperone for a field trip at Peanut’s school.


Save the Dates: May 8 – May 10, Spring Cleaning Auction

My studio and house are all a-buzz with preparing for the Mid-Ohio Fiber Fair and the release of new patterns coming within the next few weeks. Sample knitters are working hard to get shawls finished for the spring collection, and now we need to move some yarn to make room for all the new yarn I’m dyeing.

Work in progress by one of my sample knitters, Photo courtesy of Katy Wheeler

Work in progress by one of my sample knitters, Photo courtesy of Katy Wheeler

So, I’m hosting another auction to move out some yarn and raise some funds to complete our booth and send us on our way to the Mid-Ohio Fiber Fair.

OMG Yarn’s Spring Cleaning Auction
Begins Friday, May 8, 2015 at 4pm and runs until 6pm Sunday, May 10, 2015

I’ll be posting some teasers, but what you should expect from the auction this year is yarn, a few finished items, and a few fibers and such in my stash. There will be mostly OMG yarn, but there will also be some other yarn from the retail space that I just need to get gone.

Since we had some issues with coordinating pick up last year, all items will be shipped (shipping will be $3 for local people, $5 if outside WI).

The auction will be a great way to support your local yarn shop and help OMG Yarn officially hit the road and debut on the national stage.

In the mean time, keep an eye out for stuff you’d like to get your hands on, and stay tuned for the announcement of May’s project of the month. 🙂

I also had the pleasure of traveling to Chicago this past weekend to visit YarnCon. It was absolutely wonderful! I had fun, visited with friends and:IMG_9553

  • Enjoyed a chat with Allyson D of Holla Knits and see the sample sweater I dyed yarn for in the book Midwestern Knits, to be released this fall.
  • Hugged Shannon Okey of Cooperative Press after exchanging some tweets with her across the parking lot of the venue.
  • Bought a bit of yarn, including a Magic Ball from Sophie’s Toes…it’s pretty awesome, if you ask me and it’s all mine!

Firing up the Dye Pots
I have a LOT of new bright colored, unique yarn in the works, and have been doing regular shop updates to the Etsy store. I have been filling my Mondays and Wednesdays with all the dyeing I can muster and the pile is getting big. Everything online is in stock in the Bay View store, so if you’re local, you should come get a skein…or two.

A sneak peek at Barb Mastre Stanford's Spring/Summer 2015 design...I'm crocheting this sample in Vegas...

A sneak peek at Barb Mastre Stanford’s Spring/Summer 2015 design…I’m crocheting this sample in OMG Vegas…

The newest yarn base, Calatrava, is a big hit, and seems to be doing well this far. It soaks up dye much differently than some of the other bases, and is energetically spun. My designs for the spring and summer feature Calatrava and are all big, gorgeous lacy shawls.

Stitch and Bitch
In case you were wondering, we now do a Friday Night Knit Night every other Friday from 6pm to 9pm in the shop. We have quite a few regulars, including a few ladies that are quickly becoming fun friends that I look forward to seeing each time I host the event. Keep an eye on our calendar if you’re interested in attending, the next stitch night will be held Friday, May 1 (and I might have to go see Avengers: Age of Ultron right after too…).

Change is a-comin’

Like so many, I am a bit disappointed with Etsy’s change in policies that have resulted in true makers being overshadowed by mass-produced items, a departure from the spirit of Etsy’s original business model. When they announced to their users that they’d be going public, many Etsians expressed outrage as they jumped ship one by one, taking loyal customers with them. My response: Et tu, Brute? Because, really Etsy, I know making money is one thing, but integrity is another.

Yes, as an MBA, I understand they probably consulted with many business and economic experts that told them the cost of many sellers leaving…leaving is probably not going to affect their bottom line one bit. Why else would they go ahead?

But yes, it is my turn to announce that OMG Yarn will be launching its own website, and will eventually close its Etsy shop, from which we’ll be able to sell our hand dyed yarns, patterns, kits, and some supplies. Our physical retail location might change a little as a result, and here’s what I have planned (the cool, fun, yarny bit):

1. New website will go live sometime in the coming weeks. I’ll also be including yarn, kits, patterns, and knit and crochet supplies online. That means when I post to facebook about the fun stuff available, you don’t have to be local to get your hands on it. In a sense, our national debut.
2. I have 420 skeins of base yarns in stock to stock up our shop and start filling orders right away. Yup, that means sweater quantities will be available on a dyed to order basis (FINALLY!).
3. The structure of business operations will change, slowly. That means moving out some yarns that are taking up room, to make room for the gorgeous hand dyed yarn. We’ll basically be a yarn shop with a prominent section of yarn exclusive to our shop (for the time being). During show season, we’ll have different hours (closed on days we will need to travel, until we can bring on a shop helper in the future…summer is very slow for us, so will not impact business too much).
4. Continued focus on the American Made and/or sourced yarns. We won’t just be carrying OMG Yarn, but some great, high quality yarns from our favorite manufacturers and an increase in the American Made yarns from some of our favorite suppliers. Woohoo!
5. New Ravelry group coming. Yes, with the new face to the business, we’ll be starting an OMG Yarn Ravelry group to help coordinate testers, share yarn, and keep in touch. I’ll let you know when that happens too.
6. Trade shows/craft fairs. There are some big trade shows and fiber arts fairs coming up and we need to be there to continue to grow. The biggest one is TNNA Columbus that I’ve been non-stop talking about. Others include the Mid Ohio Fiber Fair, and more. 🙂

So how is this going to work? Good question. We need your support. Here’s what you can participate in:

  • Come see us at the Stepping Out Vendor Fair 9am – 3pm. See our Calendar of Events page for address and details.
  • We are holding our second annual OMG Yarn Auction the second weekend in April (Friday, April 10 – Sunday, April 12). This one will be mostly yarn and a few other items.
  • We will be holding a HUGE sale on yarns that we are phasing out. Many will run up to 50% off. Sale begins Tuesday, March 31.
  • Other goodies to be announced.
  • AND of course, continue shopping at Midwest Yarn.

Other News
OMG Yarn’s next shop update will likely take place this Friday afternoon. We’ll announce when it goes live!

Thank you thank you thank you in advance. 🙂

On the Way

Online Auction
For anyone that had not heard, we raised a total of $945 with the online auction. That allowed me to order samples, additional dye colors for those samples, a second yarn swift for re-skeining yarn, and get started on some of the marketing materials including re-vamping the logo, new merchandise tags, and business cards. That definitely is getting us prepared for the next big step.

Indiegogo (Crowdfunding) Campaign Has Launched
It has finally launched, the Indiegogo.com campaign that is allowing us to raise the bulk of our funds to get new yarn to grow the brand. As of right now, we have $1,175 pledged of our $10,000 goal. Please take the time to read all the details of the business growth plan, watch the video, share with friends and family, and pre-order yarn. Click here to visit the campaign page.

We will be allowing everyone to choose their colors if they pre-order yarn. Due to the delay in the arrival of some yarn samples previously ordered (but not yet received) we had to launch the campaign without sample colors dyed yet. I am working on dyeing some of the samples we have received thus far and are getting those posted on the campaign as an update some time in the next few days.

We are also working with crochet designer, Barb Stanford, on a couple of crochet designs that will be exclusive to the new line. I have one knit design finished, a crescent shawl, and made a smaller version of that to photograph for the pattern kits. The crescent shawl is going to be designed and work for three different yarn gauges: fingering (1 skein), sport (1 skein), and worsted weight (3 skeins).

Once the campaign ends (October 16, 2014), we should be able to have a quick turnaround. So here’s what to expect:

  • Website thank you’s will be posted as contributions come in. This is the website where those thank you’s will be published.
  • Hand written thank you’s will be sent once the campaign ends. If you contributed at a level in which your hand written thank you is included with yarn or a pattern, expect that your product will ship at the same time as your hand written thank you note.
  • All yarn orders (reward levels $30 and above), yarn will be ordered and dyed once the campaign ends. The supplier that we’ve been working with for the past couple of years usually has a 1-week turnaround time as long as the yarn is in stock. Full days dedicated to yarn dyeing usually allows me to dye about 20 balls of yarn at a time with our current set up. I expect that all pre-orders of yarn will be shipped before Thanksgiving, but we will keep everyone updated as to any delays that should arise.
  • Pattern only rewards will be sent electronically in PDF format once the campaign ends. Please allow us that time to coordinate editing and testing of the patterns. I have several experienced crocheters and knitters available to get turnaround time for patterns down to a minimum.

Otherwise, I am thoroughly excited (and exhausted) after launching this campaign, and I can’t believe that this is really happening for us! And the original shop helper, Vin, has said I’m allowed to dye as much yarn as I want, as long as it doesn’t take over his room. 🙂

Other Shop News
We have new yarn coming in for the shop too! We have started working with a new yarn company and continuing to grow with other companies we’ve worked with in the past in order to keep the shop in full swing. The shop has definitely been busier over the past couple of weeks and I’m finally starting to get the big piles of overstock organized and put away.

And, as if I didn’t have enough to do, I have a couple of designs in the works right now for a national publication. *wink*

Finally, our website. After many trials and tribulations with the e-commerce carrier we’ve been working with, we’ve decided to close down the website that sells our commercial yarn. This blog will serve as our main web page, and our domain will point at this site at some point. Stay tuned for further updates. I don’t want to do a major switch that could delay getting in touch via email until the Indiegogo campaign is over.

Online sales of OMG yarn will primarily be hosted via Etsy once the campaign ends. It’s much more user friendly and less work for me, since I’ll definitely be focused on getting yarn dyed.

Playing with Yarn and Fiber

Well, here I am, all dressed up and nowhere to go. That’s how I feel, anyway. I have preliminary colorways picked out for the fall lines, I’m mainly just waiting for samples from our mill to arrive so that I can tweak colors and add more.

I’d like the fall colors for the new yarns to have semi-solids for the heavier weights (worsted weight) and continue to have more variegated for lighter weights (fingering and sport). I currently have 20 colorways that I have previously dyed for the shop, some of which are discontinued due to a change in how I dye yarn.

From the vault - Cherries and Berries

From the vault – Cherries and Berries

Spring 2014 Color - Song

Spring 2014 Color – Song

Spring 2014 Color - Pond

Spring 2014 Color – Pond

Spring 2014 Color - Melody

Spring 2014 Color – Melody

I’m feverishly working away on putting together the craft auction (click here to join the Facebook event, you can only participate on Facebook). I am also in the planning phases for my “pitch video” for our indiegogo campaign. Yea, I keep busy.

When I’m not doing all that, I’m designing for the new line and spinning a lot more yarn to go in the shop as well. It’s overwhelming and exhausting, but all in a good way. I’m looking forward to revealing everything I’m working on in due time.

Shop Update
New yarn is coming in! In fact, we are scheduled to get new yarn every couple of weeks this fall. Set to ship soon: Donegal Tweed by Tahki Stacy Charles. Check out colors here. If you see a color you like, email me via the contact form below to put in a request for pre-order (please specify color, number of skeins, and email address for an invoice). Remember, pre-orders help us bring in more yarn and supports our business.  🙂