Save the Dates: May 8 – May 10, Spring Cleaning Auction

My studio and house are all a-buzz with preparing for the Mid-Ohio Fiber Fair and the release of new patterns coming within the next few weeks. Sample knitters are working hard to get shawls finished for the spring collection, and now we need to move some yarn to make room for all the new yarn I’m dyeing.

Work in progress by one of my sample knitters, Photo courtesy of Katy Wheeler

Work in progress by one of my sample knitters, Photo courtesy of Katy Wheeler

So, I’m hosting another auction to move out some yarn and raise some funds to complete our booth and send us on our way to the Mid-Ohio Fiber Fair.

OMG Yarn’s Spring Cleaning Auction
Begins Friday, May 8, 2015 at 4pm and runs until 6pm Sunday, May 10, 2015

I’ll be posting some teasers, but what you should expect from the auction this year is yarn, a few finished items, and a few fibers and such in my stash. There will be mostly OMG yarn, but there will also be some other yarn from the retail space that I just need to get gone.

Since we had some issues with coordinating pick up last year, all items will be shipped (shipping will be $3 for local people, $5 if outside WI).

The auction will be a great way to support your local yarn shop and help OMG Yarn officially hit the road and debut on the national stage.

In the mean time, keep an eye out for stuff you’d like to get your hands on, and stay tuned for the announcement of May’s project of the month. 🙂

I also had the pleasure of traveling to Chicago this past weekend to visit YarnCon. It was absolutely wonderful! I had fun, visited with friends and:IMG_9553

  • Enjoyed a chat with Allyson D of Holla Knits and see the sample sweater I dyed yarn for in the book Midwestern Knits, to be released this fall.
  • Hugged Shannon Okey of Cooperative Press after exchanging some tweets with her across the parking lot of the venue.
  • Bought a bit of yarn, including a Magic Ball from Sophie’s Toes…it’s pretty awesome, if you ask me and it’s all mine!

Firing up the Dye Pots
I have a LOT of new bright colored, unique yarn in the works, and have been doing regular shop updates to the Etsy store. I have been filling my Mondays and Wednesdays with all the dyeing I can muster and the pile is getting big. Everything online is in stock in the Bay View store, so if you’re local, you should come get a skein…or two.

A sneak peek at Barb Mastre Stanford's Spring/Summer 2015 design...I'm crocheting this sample in Vegas...

A sneak peek at Barb Mastre Stanford’s Spring/Summer 2015 design…I’m crocheting this sample in OMG Vegas…

The newest yarn base, Calatrava, is a big hit, and seems to be doing well this far. It soaks up dye much differently than some of the other bases, and is energetically spun. My designs for the spring and summer feature Calatrava and are all big, gorgeous lacy shawls.

Stitch and Bitch
In case you were wondering, we now do a Friday Night Knit Night every other Friday from 6pm to 9pm in the shop. We have quite a few regulars, including a few ladies that are quickly becoming fun friends that I look forward to seeing each time I host the event. Keep an eye on our calendar if you’re interested in attending, the next stitch night will be held Friday, May 1 (and I might have to go see Avengers: Age of Ultron right after too…).


Change is a-comin’

Like so many, I am a bit disappointed with Etsy’s change in policies that have resulted in true makers being overshadowed by mass-produced items, a departure from the spirit of Etsy’s original business model. When they announced to their users that they’d be going public, many Etsians expressed outrage as they jumped ship one by one, taking loyal customers with them. My response: Et tu, Brute? Because, really Etsy, I know making money is one thing, but integrity is another.

Yes, as an MBA, I understand they probably consulted with many business and economic experts that told them the cost of many sellers leaving…leaving is probably not going to affect their bottom line one bit. Why else would they go ahead?

But yes, it is my turn to announce that OMG Yarn will be launching its own website, and will eventually close its Etsy shop, from which we’ll be able to sell our hand dyed yarns, patterns, kits, and some supplies. Our physical retail location might change a little as a result, and here’s what I have planned (the cool, fun, yarny bit):

1. New website will go live sometime in the coming weeks. I’ll also be including yarn, kits, patterns, and knit and crochet supplies online. That means when I post to facebook about the fun stuff available, you don’t have to be local to get your hands on it. In a sense, our national debut.
2. I have 420 skeins of base yarns in stock to stock up our shop and start filling orders right away. Yup, that means sweater quantities will be available on a dyed to order basis (FINALLY!).
3. The structure of business operations will change, slowly. That means moving out some yarns that are taking up room, to make room for the gorgeous hand dyed yarn. We’ll basically be a yarn shop with a prominent section of yarn exclusive to our shop (for the time being). During show season, we’ll have different hours (closed on days we will need to travel, until we can bring on a shop helper in the future…summer is very slow for us, so will not impact business too much).
4. Continued focus on the American Made and/or sourced yarns. We won’t just be carrying OMG Yarn, but some great, high quality yarns from our favorite manufacturers and an increase in the American Made yarns from some of our favorite suppliers. Woohoo!
5. New Ravelry group coming. Yes, with the new face to the business, we’ll be starting an OMG Yarn Ravelry group to help coordinate testers, share yarn, and keep in touch. I’ll let you know when that happens too.
6. Trade shows/craft fairs. There are some big trade shows and fiber arts fairs coming up and we need to be there to continue to grow. The biggest one is TNNA Columbus that I’ve been non-stop talking about. Others include the Mid Ohio Fiber Fair, and more. 🙂

So how is this going to work? Good question. We need your support. Here’s what you can participate in:

  • Come see us at the Stepping Out Vendor Fair 9am – 3pm. See our Calendar of Events page for address and details.
  • We are holding our second annual OMG Yarn Auction the second weekend in April (Friday, April 10 – Sunday, April 12). This one will be mostly yarn and a few other items.
  • We will be holding a HUGE sale on yarns that we are phasing out. Many will run up to 50% off. Sale begins Tuesday, March 31.
  • Other goodies to be announced.
  • AND of course, continue shopping at Midwest Yarn.

Other News
OMG Yarn’s next shop update will likely take place this Friday afternoon. We’ll announce when it goes live!

Thank you thank you thank you in advance. 🙂

The OMG Color Line Up

Well, it has started, my planning for the big summer show to debut our gorgeous yarns on a national stage. I’ll also be working on a few variegated colors as well, but these are my semi-solid colorways that are repeatable and that will be available for wholesale.

Did I miss any? Which ones are your favorites?

Coming Soon
We just ordered 420 skeins of yarn for the big summer shows, including some of the new yarn base which is a Worsted Weight Merino/Alpaca blend. Stay tuned for more behind the scenes looks and even some excited posts once I book travel plans for our Columbus trip!

A Quick Update

Hi there!

Yup, I’m still here, incredibly busy, and hanging on by a thread (or maybe a fiber…). Between teething babe, active 5 year old, and plotting some yarn madness for OMG, I have been pretty over worked, but I’m still here, I promise.

I’ll be finishing up and sending out our February Project of the Month kits within the next 48 hours and while the yarn cooks and dries, I’m actually building a full website dedicated to OMG’s yarn!

The shop has been quiet this week, so I hope you haven’t forgotten we’re here. As we prepare for the biggest step for our lovely little shop to become BIG, we need your continued support.

Stay tuned for a sale on OMG yarn, our annual auction, and some other fun bits along the way. Our big show is coming up quickly and the road to it is paved in yarn. Woo hoo! See you soon!

This week: 50 Things to Do in Bay View

As a way to bring more business to Bay View businesses, the business district coordinators are hosting an event called 50 Things to Do in Bay View – the event I’ve been jokingly referring to as 50 Shades of Bay (View). This week only, on all purchases of yarn, you can buy one get one half off (all regular priced yarn of equal or lesser value).

Because the Etsy shop is a little bit harder to get this type of discount, customers shopping online can use coupon code: OMGLOVE to get 25% off their purchase, now through February 14th.

Click here to get to the online store or Click here for our project of the month listing for February.

And remember pre-orders for February’s Project of the Month ends February 14th too. (Project Details)

Of course, gorgeous yarn picture, because I love yarn and I love our little yarn shop.

Fiesta Hat Kit_1

February’s Project of the Month – Zuzu’s Petals by Carina Spencer

Announcing our February Project of the Month: Zuzu’s Petals by Carina Spencer.

The pattern is written for two gauges, sport or worsted, both requiring only one skein of OMG yarn.

Photo Credit: Carina Spencer

Photo Credit: Carina Spencer

Colors will be an ombre/gradient, using one of the following new OMG colors as the darkest color, getting lighter throughout the skein.

Spring Color Inspiration Names

Click here to order your February Project of the Month

Cost per kit is $35 and includes:

  • One skein of OMG yarn in choice of color (Maven, Surrender, Pisces, or Grapthar) and weight (sport – OMG Rushmore or worsted – OMG Liberty).
  • Corresponding Knitter’s Pride circular needle (US 6 for sport weight and US 9 for worsted weight).
  • Electronic copy of the pattern.

Pre-orders will be available online on Etsy beginning this afternoon and end February 14 (Valentine’s Day) and are scheduled to ship or be available for pick up by the week of February 23rd.

Health Update for Littlest Shop Helper, Sharky
Thank you to everyone for support during Sharky’s very scary 3-day hospital stay. He was diagnosed with RSV. It’s usually just a bad cold for adults, but for infants it gets very bad, very quickly. He had been seen for three days straight by our family physician, but wasn’t getting better, so was admitted to the hospital for additional support. Thankfully, he is on the mend and has finally started to be his usual playful and giggly self. Woohoo!


Resting in his hospital crib…


Happy face when leaving the hospital.

Retail Location Update: Closed Wednesday, January 28

Today, Wednesday, January 28, Midwest Yarn’s retail location is closed due to illness of our littlest shop helper. He was diagnosed yesterday with bronchiolitis, a lower respiratory infection caused by a virus.

The hardest part about being a parent is when your child is ill. The hardest part about being a working parent is being unable to be there for your sick child, which is one of the biggest reasons I work for myself: I don’t have to make the choice, I can actually be there for my little guys when they’re sick.

Out of both of my children, including Peanut, my 5 year old who is sick with ear infections and croup often, baby Sharky is the sickest I’ve ever seen a baby get that’s been in my care. We will likely be closed for the rest of the week, but that announcement will be made later today or tomorrow.

I’m happy to answer any questions via email and if there’s something specific people are looking for that I can ship out, email me and I’ll ship it (no charge on shipping this week). I’ll extend the free shipping to Etsy customers as well, use coupon code GETWELLSOON now through February 7, 2015.

Again, I apologize for the inconvenience, but we’ll see you soon. AND new hours go into effect in February (once we’re assured little guy is feeling better). In the mean time, stay warm and happy stitching.