Change is a-comin’

Like so many, I am a bit disappointed with Etsy’s change in policies that have resulted in true makers being overshadowed by mass-produced items, a departure from the spirit of Etsy’s original business model. When they announced to their users that they’d be going public, many Etsians expressed outrage as they jumped ship one by one, taking loyal customers with them. My response: Et tu, Brute? Because, really Etsy, I know making money is one thing, but integrity is another.

Yes, as an MBA, I understand they probably consulted with many business and economic experts that told them the cost of many sellers leaving…leaving is probably not going to affect their bottom line one bit. Why else would they go ahead?

But yes, it is my turn to announce that OMG Yarn will be launching its own website, and will eventually close its Etsy shop, from which we’ll be able to sell our hand dyed yarns, patterns, kits, and some supplies. Our physical retail location might change a little as a result, and here’s what I have planned (the cool, fun, yarny bit):

1. New website will go live sometime in the coming weeks. I’ll also be including yarn, kits, patterns, and knit and crochet supplies online. That means when I post to facebook about the fun stuff available, you don’t have to be local to get your hands on it. In a sense, our national debut.
2. I have 420 skeins of base yarns in stock to stock up our shop and start filling orders right away. Yup, that means sweater quantities will be available on a dyed to order basis (FINALLY!).
3. The structure of business operations will change, slowly. That means moving out some yarns that are taking up room, to make room for the gorgeous hand dyed yarn. We’ll basically be a yarn shop with a prominent section of yarn exclusive to our shop (for the time being). During show season, we’ll have different hours (closed on days we will need to travel, until we can bring on a shop helper in the future…summer is very slow for us, so will not impact business too much).
4. Continued focus on the American Made and/or sourced yarns. We won’t just be carrying OMG Yarn, but some great, high quality yarns from our favorite manufacturers and an increase in the American Made yarns from some of our favorite suppliers. Woohoo!
5. New Ravelry group coming. Yes, with the new face to the business, we’ll be starting an OMG Yarn Ravelry group to help coordinate testers, share yarn, and keep in touch. I’ll let you know when that happens too.
6. Trade shows/craft fairs. There are some big trade shows and fiber arts fairs coming up and we need to be there to continue to grow. The biggest one is TNNA Columbus that I’ve been non-stop talking about. Others include the Mid Ohio Fiber Fair, and more. 🙂

So how is this going to work? Good question. We need your support. Here’s what you can participate in:

  • Come see us at the Stepping Out Vendor Fair 9am – 3pm. See our Calendar of Events page for address and details.
  • We are holding our second annual OMG Yarn Auction the second weekend in April (Friday, April 10 – Sunday, April 12). This one will be mostly yarn and a few other items.
  • We will be holding a HUGE sale on yarns that we are phasing out. Many will run up to 50% off. Sale begins Tuesday, March 31.
  • Other goodies to be announced.
  • AND of course, continue shopping at Midwest Yarn.

Other News
OMG Yarn’s next shop update will likely take place this Friday afternoon. We’ll announce when it goes live!

Thank you thank you thank you in advance. 🙂


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