Retail Location Update: Closed Wednesday, January 28

Today, Wednesday, January 28, Midwest Yarn’s retail location is closed due to illness of our littlest shop helper. He was diagnosed yesterday with bronchiolitis, a lower respiratory infection caused by a virus.

The hardest part about being a parent is when your child is ill. The hardest part about being a working parent is being unable to be there for your sick child, which is one of the biggest reasons I work for myself: I don’t have to make the choice, I can actually be there for my little guys when they’re sick.

Out of both of my children, including Peanut, my 5 year old who is sick with ear infections and croup often, baby Sharky is the sickest I’ve ever seen a baby get that’s been in my care. We will likely be closed for the rest of the week, but that announcement will be made later today or tomorrow.

I’m happy to answer any questions via email and if there’s something specific people are looking for that I can ship out, email me and I’ll ship it (no charge on shipping this week). I’ll extend the free shipping to Etsy customers as well, use coupon code GETWELLSOON now through February 7, 2015.

Again, I apologize for the inconvenience, but we’ll see you soon. AND new hours go into effect in February (once we’re assured little guy is feeling better). In the mean time, stay warm and happy stitching.


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