OMG Upcycled: Turning Used Items into the Next Knit or Crochet Project

I’m all about working with what you have rather than reinventing the wheel.  One of my long time projects is finding ways to upcycle different things and relating them to the needle arts I love. Last year, it was working with my husband to upcycle suits he wasn’t selling out of his ebay shop (Shopvtg) and reupholstering chairs. It actually won us second place in Goodwill’s Upcycle contest last year.

Since then, I’ve been looking at fun upcycling projects I could bring to the shop. I am still working on the idea, but there are some fun things ahead, including a line of yarn out of materials you would not necessarily think to work with.

In the past week, I’ve been playing with crocheting plastic bags: a workshop we held here a couple summers ago and this week, I’ll be working with upcycling some t-shirts and knitting or crocheting with them. I’ll even be playing with dye techniques on these types of yarns. Keep an eye out for ideas I’m brainstorming on Pinterest here, and look for some behind the scenes photos on Instragram.

In the mean time, don’t forget to check out the classes we have starting in February so that you’ll be able to work with some of these unique projects I’m working on for the spring/summer.

(My file uploads keep erroring right now, otherwise, I’d give a sneak peek right now…) 😉


One thought on “OMG Upcycled: Turning Used Items into the Next Knit or Crochet Project

  1. Lovely Strife

    Good luck with your experimenting. I have used plarn before, and it was a fun way to use extra bags. I have also used torn bed sheets to make rugs. Both are hard to work with at times, but it is worth the effort. 🙂

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