8 Days Left to Craft!

This is the busiest time of the year for all of us crafters. Knitters, crocheters, spinners, weavers…all of us fiber artists are feverishly working to get our hand made items finished for our loved ones before the holidays. I have several new babies to make presents for, and that’s not including my own little guys who’s gifts are off the needles.

And in the background I am brainstorming all the new projects I need to get started with once the holidays are over. OMG’s overwhelming success both in-store and online is leaving me happy and eager to do more, but I have a few things to work on before I do.

I have a Pinterest Board for this coming Spring 2015 and Fall 2015 design ideas. I won’t divulge what I’m actually doing before the late May release of new patterns, but maybe my brainstorming will get you excited (or even inspire some projects of your own).

Project of the Month
Between Small Business Saturday and today, I’ve asked our followers whether or not they’d be willing to participate in a Project of the Month Club for OMG Yarns. The idea is that it will be similar to doing a yarn of the month, but with an actual project associated. People would buy the kit offered, which includes yarn and a pattern that I choose as that month’s project. More details to come soon, but I’ll be posting January’s project soon so that people will be able to order their yarn. It’s looking like it will be a 1-2 skein knit cowl with a Valentine’s Day theme (so you can have a lovely cowl knit in time for Valentine’s Day). I came across the pattern while pinning (Pinteresting?) one day. Keep an eye out, it’s coming soon!
Happy crafting!

PS. We have new yarn in from Tahki Stacy Charles. Including Mesa (all colors) and Donegal Tweed. Available in-store only.


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