Are you ready yet?

Not much to report here, other than I am gearing up for the launch of the new patterns and yarn. This past weekend, I dyed over 50 skeins of yarn in small lots in our tiny kitchen. The yarn took over the bathroom and boys’ room (the only way to keep kitties oblivious to yarn being in the house), but most of the Indiegogo yarn and big special orders are done and either in the hands of their new owners or on the way.

While at the shop, I’m working on more patterns and planning out the Spring and Fall designs for 2015. I’ve also been knitting and working on some Christmas presents for the family (knit and crochet). I’m on an extremely tight budget for presents this year, but my oldest, Peanut, has been begging for me to knit him more hats and sweaters. How could I not oblige?

In the mean time, follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest to see what I’m up to. The week of Thanksgiving is fast approaching and that’s when I launch all the new goodies. You won’t be disappointed.


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