Thank you!

The last two months have been grueling, especially when you add a now five month old and five year old into the mix. The days that I had mommy brain and brain fog from low blood pressure did not help, but because I’ve been working the shop for the past couple of years, autopilot set in. What I really mean to say, because it must be said:

From the bottom of my heart, I thank everyone that has supported our little shop from the beginning and during the growth effort that we’ve completed (FINALLY!). I have some of the best customers any yarn shop owner could ever dream of. No, really…you guys are great!

The growth effort has generated a lot of interest for the shop and OMG yarn. In fact, of that $10,000 goal originally set, if you include the online auction, special orders generated outside of the campaign, pledges to support the new yarn line, a couple secret projects in the works, and the Indiegogo campaign funds raised, we actually got about more than half way there. We also got our 250 votes necessary to complete the Mission Main Street Grant application – Winners will be announced January 2015 after business plans are reviewed by a panel of judges. I’m calling it a success.

So what happens now? The true work begins for Midwest Yarn, and I could not be happier.

  • I’ll be announcing our customer appreciation sale later this week!
  • Yarn for the new line is being ordered – An order for approximately 200 skeins of yarn is being placed this week.
  • Yarn orders generated by the Indiegogo campaign are starting to be fulfilled. Most of what I’m waiting for is product tags, project bags, and a couple other goodies to send to our new list of VIP members.
  • The Etsy shop will become our avenue for online sales, so building up that shop is in progress. I’ll announce every time there are new listings of yarn and other things. First to be listed will be some locally sourced spinning wool that is on consignment from a local business. Yay!
  • A design call is going to be posted sometime this week for OMG’s Spring 2015 and then Fall 2015 patterns to supplement designs that I’m working on.
  • Plans for our booth at TNNA are underway as well, including class proposals to potentially teach at the convention and help cover some of the travel costs.
  • One of the top secret projects I’m working on includes a yarn that was not available for the Indiegogo campaign, but will become available for the Fall 2015 yarn line for reasons yet to be revealed. It is a luxurious worsted weight alpaca/merino blend and another yarn I’m eager to put into production soon. I may also test the waters to see if there’s a market for a lace weight version of that yarn, so that we can have a couple unique blends of domestic wool available for that line (more details to come).
  • People who are OMG VIP members will be privy to all the goodies a little sooner than the general public. VIP membership for OMG will be available via the Etsy shop and inside our brick and mortar shop soon.

Other things to keep in mind:

  1. The new yarns are debuting at our brick and mortar and online stores the weekend of Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. That means your first opportunity to purchase the new OMG yarns and the Fall 2014 patterns and kits will be in just a few weeks.
  2. Yarns will be launched on around the same time that the first pre-orders will ship in November.
  3. Fall/Winter project based classes will be based around the projects that will be available for OMG yarn in addition to our usual beginner spinning, knit, and crochet classes.

Are you ready for some new yarn? Make sure you’re following us on Twitter (follow button is at the top of the Twitter widget on the right hand side of our web page), Instagram, and Facebook so you can see what’s coming and when.

Thanks again, I can’t wait to show everyone what’s up next!


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