Indiegogo Campaign Launch Update

New launch date: September 1, 2014

I’m updating the launch date to give us time to get the first set of sample colors dyed and play with the yarn a little. This will also give me time to film a “pitch video” for our campaign to get a lot more people interested.

As our shop is expanding back into our usual operating hours of 5 days a week, I’ll have more of an opportunity to get things done on the computer, like keeping in contact with vendors and customers via email.

I will also be working on turning this blog into our main web page (don’t worry, contact information will remain the same, it’s just easier to streamline). Online sales will be changing to being completed solely on Etsy as well. This will prevent some of the issues we had with our current website (the web host’s user agreement states that they are not responsible for their software not working…so not acceptable).

Don’t forget to share our craft auction with your friends and fellow fiber fanatics. Our goal is to raise about $500.

Have a great weekend!


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