Playing with Yarn and Fiber

Well, here I am, all dressed up and nowhere to go. That’s how I feel, anyway. I have preliminary colorways picked out for the fall lines, I’m mainly just waiting for samples from our mill to arrive so that I can tweak colors and add more.

I’d like the fall colors for the new yarns to have semi-solids for the heavier weights (worsted weight) and continue to have more variegated for lighter weights (fingering and sport). I currently have 20 colorways that I have previously dyed for the shop, some of which are discontinued due to a change in how I dye yarn.

From the vault - Cherries and Berries

From the vault – Cherries and Berries

Spring 2014 Color - Song

Spring 2014 Color – Song

Spring 2014 Color - Pond

Spring 2014 Color – Pond

Spring 2014 Color - Melody

Spring 2014 Color – Melody

I’m feverishly working away on putting together the craft auction (click here to join the Facebook event, you can only participate on Facebook). I am also in the planning phases for my “pitch video” for our indiegogo campaign. Yea, I keep busy.

When I’m not doing all that, I’m designing for the new line and spinning a lot more yarn to go in the shop as well. It’s overwhelming and exhausting, but all in a good way. I’m looking forward to revealing everything I’m working on in due time.

Shop Update
New yarn is coming in! In fact, we are scheduled to get new yarn every couple of weeks this fall. Set to ship soon: Donegal Tweed by Tahki Stacy Charles. Check out colors here. If you see a color you like, email me via the contact form below to put in a request for pre-order (please specify color, number of skeins, and email address for an invoice). Remember, pre-orders help us bring in more yarn and supports our business.  🙂




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