Our little shop is just that: little. And I love it! It’s a studio from which I can work, design, spin, and sell yarn. The best part, my kids love it there and it has quickly become a family business that is a home away from home for all of us.

The addition to the family, whom we lovingly call “Shark”, has already made his appearance a few times, happily napping in his play area each time.

But we need space to continue to keep the yarn dyeing out of reach of the kids and the cats. Our tiny kitchen can only fit one person at a time, so it is a big undertaking when I break out the dye pots. The cats are isolated from the yarn, but that will be difficult once the amount of yarn we need to grow gets ordered.

This is why I am working so hard to raise money to grow my shop. I love the dyeing, what I am able to do flies off the shelves before I can get it listed on Etsy. Sometimes even before it is re-skeined and packaged for sale.

The retail space will stay where it is, and will go back to being open five days a week. And if that seems like an impossible feat for one person, I will have help.

I will design patterns for the first dye runs and am working with a crochet designer so we don’t leave out our crocheters.

This last week, I got in a lot of the dye for the sample colors to begin taking pre-orders as part of the process, and am planning the rewards for our crowd funding campaign.

And yes, all of this work is making me a little nutty and aloof, but that’s what gives me joy. Shockingly enough, my almost 5 year old sees the joy and asks everyday after school and summer camp, “How was business?”

Gosh, I love this life and wouldn’t have it any other way. Let’s do this for many more years to come!

OMG, is this really happening?! Somebody pinch me. 😉


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