100 Days Happy…in Yarn!

I am happy to announce, our cute little yarn shop is getting back into the swing of things!  That is, after several months of illness and a tough pregnancy, I am back doing the things I love (and with all the people I love).

So, here’s what’s next for us:

  1. Midwest Yarn is going to be expanding. Our brick and mortar location, currently open three days a week, is going to expand its hours and days open over the coming weeks.  By fall, we will be open at least 5 days a week.  We are slated to get new yarn every month until the end of the year.
  2. OMG, the hand dyed and hand spun yarn line, is going to grow exponentially.  In alignment of the original vision for Midwest Yarn to support local and American operated small businesses, I came across the opportunity to dye with mill spun yarns.  The mill sources the wool in the U.S. and spins/manufactures the yarn in Minnesota (future plans to also work with Wisconsin mills are in progress).  That means, we’ll have a high quality, hand dyed yarn that was all American made, right down to the sheep that the wool came from.

In order to make all of this a reality, we will be spending the next few months “destashing” and raising money for the expansion.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 in order to: find a larger space to dye yarn (our tiny kitchen only allows for two dye pots at a time), bring in enough yarn stock for large scale dyeing, and take the show on the road (namely, get to the next major National Needle Arts convention where other shops around the country can purchase and sell our yarn).

The avenues of fundraising will be:

  • Selling some of my own personal stash on eBay and Ravelry – after all, it is how we raised money to start Midwest Yarn in the first place,
  • July 26 – August 2: End of summer sale, starting with a “tent sale” held at the St. Thomas More (1 block away from our shop) on July 26th,
  • An online craft auction in August – details coming soon,
  • and An indiegogo crowd funding campaign with rewards including kits for the new yarn line featuring exclusive knit patterns designed by me (and a crochet pattern designed for the new line as well)

So keep an eye out for all these exciting things coming up!

And to detail our progress and keep me motivated through all this hard work, I am participating in the 100 Happy Days challenge, but through yarn.

Our campaign starts tomorrow, July 18, and will focus on the happy yarny things I am doing.  It’ll detail what I’m spinning, dyeing, knitting, designing…the works.  It is a reminder to myself to find happiness in the work I love, especially since I have not been able to focus as much on it over the past year (but it is what helped me get through mentally). It is also a good way to show people what they are supporting when they contribute to our fund raising efforts for the shop expansion.

So follow along on Twitter (@midwestyarn), Instagram (midwestyarn), or Facebook under #100happydaysinyarn.

Now back to the shop…  🙂


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